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“I have used Budapest Repairs on 3 occasions. Twice for renovations to my flat, and once for emergency plumbing. Every time I’ve been very satisfied with their work. First of all their English is excellent, making it very easy for me, as an expat, to communicate what I want. They are on time, as opposed to the average Hungarian, and they do good work for a very reasonable price. What they know how to do, they will fix, and if they don’t, they will call someone who knows, and help you with communication. Budapest Repair is my first call whenever I need anything sorted related to my flat’s upkeep.” – Jan-Erik, Bp., V.

“Budapestrepair installed my kitchen and my bathroom, they are very good professionals, very kind people, cheap, reliable, punctual and the result is fantastic. Irecommend it, whatever I do in the future I will di it with Budapestrepair.” – Carlos, Bp., VII.

“Buying a property that needs renovating in a foreign country can be a fun experience if you can find trustworthy, reliable, competent builders with whom you can communicate. This I found in Budapest repair who have taken on a wide range of work and where necessary outsourced workers for such specialized skills as tiling.” – Monica, Bp., VI.

“We had a persistent drainage problem that required major work, and Budapest Repair was a lifesaver. They were very responsive, professional and skilled at their work. They were fair, never pushy, and presented options whenever possible to accommodate our schedules and our budget. They spoke fluent English, which was a huge plus for us as expats. I would recommend them without reservation.” – Jenny, Bp., XI.

“Budapest Repair does a great job! I am an American and my wife is Hungarian. We own a flat in Kispest. We needed some dry wall work done and a bunch of stuff moved. David and Attila really came through. They now keep a watch over the flat since my wife has now immigrated to the US. Reliable, responsible and honest. Staying with them for any repairs in the future.” – Chris & Kriszta, Kispest & USA

“We have used Budapest Repair a number of times for variousthings from dishwashers, washing machines, broken lights and they have been extremely helpful and efficient. Fluency in both English and Hungarian is a mayor bonus!” – Seamus, Bp., VII

“We recently had a serious problem with our apartment. Our neighbor above us had a water pipe leak and it ran down the walls in two of our rooms. It caused a problem with our lighting, and soaked into a large area of plaster, causing it to discolour and come away. We found Budapest Repair through expat loop. David And Attila carried out the necessary repairs efficiently and quickly. I found their prices to be reasonable, and the standard of workmanship was first class. I would not hesitate to recommend them.” – Tony, Bp., VII

“In the years we have been working with Budapest Repairs we have found them to be on time, cost effective and very friendly. They take the time to listen to our needs and research what is needed to complete the project. We often have them working on projects while we are out of town and feel very comfortable giving them keys to our home. We have in the past and will continue in the future to recommend them. Thank you David and Attila.” - Will and Drew, Bp., Andrassy út

“I used Budapest Repair to fix a few things with a flat I bought in Budapest. Great guys, reliable and professional. I will use them again.” - Bill Szentpeteri, Bp., VII

“I have used BP Repair for many jobs I needed in my flats from painting and plumbing to changing locks and would highly recommend them. It is a great idea to have an English speaking and English repairman who can speak your language and you can trust. The prices are competitive if not cheaper than any native tradesman and you will not have the problem of being ripped of because you are a foreigner.” - Ray, Budapest, VII

“Discovering Budapest Repair was like uncovering a hidden treasure. For years, we had to hunt down various repair people for a variety of repair needs, then beg, borrow, and plead with someone to translate the entire scenario from start to finish. Budapest Repair has solved all of those issues; both David and Attila speak English. (Honestly, sometimes we need a translator for David, who is British, but if he speaks slowly, we can comprehend his English eventually.) Over the last two yeas, when we first became aware of their services, they have come to our rescue for needs ranging A-Z in two different apartments. Every time we have used them, we have been very satisfied with their work and even more satisfied with the charges. They are fairly priced. We have recommended them to a number of people and will continue to do so.” - Ryan, Budapest, XI

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